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Are you looking for a wedding dinner venue in London to host a meal after the ceremony is finished? If so, Zipcube can help you out. Our simple search function allows you to browse a number of different spaces, and our dedicated wedding venues team are on hand to help with your enquiries.

All you need to do is let us know about the times and dates and we can make arrangements on your behalf. Let us deal with the hassle of booking the venue while you worry about the different catering options and menu choices.

Wedding Dinner Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

After all the emotion of the ceremony itself, you finally get a chance to enjoy the reception, have a drink and relax with something to eat. The speeches will likely provide some entertainment – some laughs, some tears, no doubt – whilst the meal itself should be a simple delight. We've put together a list of a few pointers to look out for when trying to decide on a venue:

  • Do you want the dance floor to be close-by to where people are sat to eat? Make sure there'll be enough room if you want to have a combined dancing and eating area.

  • Are the acoustics in the room good? If the room is a little too boomy - echoes knocking around and lots of reverb – then the noise of everyone talking during the meal might make it difficult to hear one another. (This can also be an issue for the band or DJ when music is being played).

  • What's the lighting like? If the meal is going to be during the day, then you'll need to consider how much natural light there is coming into the room. If the wedding reception is later on in the day then you might want to check how soft or bright the lighting system is – it can have a big impact on the atmosphere for when people are enjoying their meal.

  • What sort of seating arrangement will you employ? It's tradition for the bride and groom to be seated at a high table along with their family members and the best man, so you might want to check to see whether there's enough room to accommodate the sort of seating layout you had in mind.

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