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Is your team at work in need of a great away day somewhere that leaves the office far behind? Do you need to do some team bonding, get away from the stress of reports and meetings for a day and enjoy the company of your colleagues? If you need a great venue in which to host a team building away day, then Zipcube are here to help!

Our venue search tool allows you to look at different options and then compare them in terms of cost and capacity. If you need any guidance, our party venues team are on hand to answer any questions. We're on a mission to connect people with the spaces they need, so whether you want to get your team to enjoy a leadership challenge weekend or just spend half a day enjoying something recreational – we'll be able to make it happen. 

Away Day Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

  • Is this an office-wide day out or is it just for particular teams? Make sure you decide the hierarchy of who's coming and who isn't so that you can plan your venue hire accordingly.

  • Do you want something out of the city or are you happy to do this somewhere not too far away from your office? There are plenty of venues, even in quite central London, which provide outdoor space and plenty of room for any of the activities which you may have in mind.

  • Depending on what you want to do (let's say, something really unusual, like duck herding), you can rest assured that venues will be open to your ideas and interested to know what you have planned. There are, however, some activities – especially the more physical ones – which might require certain health and safety documents to be signed or particular forms of insurance. Be sure to check with the venue, just in case.

  • Make sure to decide on a list of priorities for the team building day itself. Is this an important strategy or creative session in which you want to reinvigorate the company by encouraging new ideas and getting everyone excited? Or is it more an opportunity to let people socialise and create good will amongst your staff? It's important that people understand the motivation behind the day out so that they can adjust their expectations.

Not sure what sort of venue you'll require? Take a look at our outdoor venues, halls for hire and unusual space venues for some other options.

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