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Are you looking for meeting rooms for hire in London? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Zipcube has hundreds of meeting venues in London for every budget and every occasion. We offer facilities ranging from high-spec conference venues for board meetings to stylish spaces for creative thinkers.

London is an influential world city and the financial and business capital of Europe, so demand for meeting rooms for hire is always increasing. Whether you require a meeting venue in London for conferences, seminars, training or team meetings, Zipcube can provide a superior workspace tailored specifically for your requirements.

Here are five things to consider when looking for the perfect meeting venue in London:

  1. Location, location, location 
    Zipcube offers affordable meeting venues for hire across all parts of London, which is perfect if your guests are based in the same locality. If, however, they are travelling from farther afield, it is a good idea to hire a meeting room in central London close to a train or underground station that is convenient for everyone. Transport links in the city are excellent, making it easy for guests to get from one meeting venue in central London to another with ease.

    Because London is one of the most visited cities in the world, both for tourism and business, Zipcube has many meeting rooms available for hire in hotels. This is the most convenient option for individuals who are travelling for business as they will  be able to check in, rest and attend a meeting in the same location.

    Whether you choose to book your meeting room in the heart of the city or in the quieter suburbs, you should aim to hire a conference room that is well located and easy for your guests to find.

  2. Size matters
    It’s a good idea to have a realistic expectation of how many people will attend before you book your preferred meeting space in London. Zipcube offers an extensive range of venues in the city, from state-of-the-art boardrooms to smaller, more informal meeting rooms for hire.

    Bear in mind that if you are expecting a large group, it is better to book a meeting room in London with slightly more capacity than to squeeze everyone into a smaller space. This is quite simply bad for business. Our advice is: if you think you'll need a larger conference room instead, it's worth having a little much space rather than too little.

    Cramming too many people into a small meeting room may create the impression of a poorly organised company that does not value its clients because it has failed to provide adequately for them. In addition guests may wonder if your company’s budget is under pressure. These factors may well influence an important business decision that ultimately may not be in your favour.

  3. The finer details
    It’s important to consider what amenities are available when booking your meeting space in London. Does your preferred venue have wi-fi? This will be essential if you and other guests need to access files stored in the cloud, for example.

    Are you likely to need audio/visual equipment? Most meeting rooms in London will supply basic equipment such as whiteboards and marker pens, and will often supply audio-visual equipment.

    If you plan to give a presentation, it’s important to find out if your preferred London meeting space can supply the particular equipment you require. If you are bringing your own equipment, it’s a good idea to include your own leads and cables as those at the venue may not be compatible with your devices.

  4. Disabled access
    Many modern offices and meeting rooms for hire in London offer disabled access but it’s best to check before booking your venue. If any of your guests has a disability you will need to ensure that the meeting room you wish to hire has the appropriate facilities.  

  5. Take a break
    Does the venue you’d like to book provide catering services or allow you to organise catering independently? If you plan to offer this service, you will need to ask your guests about their dietary requirements well in advance of the event. If some guests require vegan or halal food, or have food allergies, for example, you will need to ensure that these options are available.

Zipcube’s vast array of affordable London meeting venues means that we can provide exactly the right space, whatever the size or requirements of your group. You can browse hundreds of modern, well-equipped and air-conditioned rooms on Zipcube’s website and book directly through our website or ask one of our venue experts for help. If your needs are likely to vary, we can also provide hotel meeting rooms, annual general meeting rooms, cheap meeting rooms and cool and quirky meeting rooms

Ten tips to ensure a successful meeting

  1. Set a timeframe
    Meetings can be a lengthy and frustrating process that can disrupt the workflow of your organisation. Therefore, impose a timeframe beyond which the meeting will not continue. You can always call a further meeting to clarify any points raised when it’s more convenient. 

  2. Set an agenda
    Make a list of topics for discussion, print it out and hand it to each attendee in advance of the meeting. If someone goes off-topic, say that you will discuss it with them after the meeting.

  3. Limit the number of attendees
    Do you really need so many people at your meeting? If you can reduce the number by just two people whose presence isn’t essential, you will have returned valuable time to the company. Remember, some staff might prefer not to go to the meeting so give them the option. 

  4. Start on time
    Firstly, and most obviously, don’t be late yourself for the meeting. Don’t wait for stragglers - start the meeting on time. 

  5. Take notes
    Jot important points down so that you don’t forget them. You will need them later for your follow-up email. 

  6. Be prepared
    If you are using visual display equipment in your meeting, make sure it is correctly wired up and ready to use in advance. You don’t want to waste valuable time because of equipment malfunctions.

  7. Q&A
    Remember to allow time for questions at the end, which can raise important and pertinent issues - but not too much time!

  8. Lighten up
    Leading a meeting isn’t about flaunting your authority. If someone is late don’t give them dark looks. Have some humility and a sense of humour. 

  9. Thank your attendees
    Thank everyone for attending the meeting and remind them that your door is open should they have any further ideas or wish to discuss any of the points raised. 

  10. Follow up
    Email attendees after the meeting summing up the session and encourage them to give feedback.

If you need a bit of extra inspiration, try checking out this condensed guide on how to run meetings for a discussion of how to keep things short and efficient. There are so many great meeting spaces and conference rooms in London, we're sure you'll be able to find what you need here at Zipcube.

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