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Are you trying to throw a glamorous get-together in an unusual venue? Do you want a cool, unique space for a music recital or perhaps to shoot a film? If you search through Zipcube's selection of distinct, unusual event venues, you'll soon find you an ideal location.

Whether you want an unusual studio space in Shoreditch, or a converted stable in Mayfair that's full of character, we have all the London venues you'll need. So just use our simple search function to browse a few options and then let our party venues team handle the rest. We guarantee to make the arrangements minimally stressful, so that you can enjoy focusing on the day itself without worrying about the venue.

Unusual Venues London: Tips and Ideas

The beauty of a unique, unusual venue is that it won't be quite like any other space you've ever seen. Of course, that can cause problems as well, especially if it's quite an old building or only just recently renovated. Check out our list of tips below for ideas on how to approach it:

  • Will you need modern amenities for your event, such as an internet connection or audiovisual equipment? Be sure to check whether they're available in the space as more unusual venues might have access issues for certain facilities.
  • Another convenience of a cool, distinct-looking venue is that it might not need as much decoration as other spaces. This can save room in your budget to put towards catering and drinks.
  • Have you thought about the possibility of an after-party or warm-up event? You could hire a rooftop bar venue or an open air venue if the weather's nice.
  • Do you want to arrange a separate catering scenario? You could hire a private dining room or restaurant venue for snacks or a meal before hand.   

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