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Are you looking for a meetup venue in London where all your friends or work colleagues can come along and hang out? If so, we've got you covered. Zipcube's search tool is perfectly designed to let you browse and compare different spaces with ease, so all you have to do is input some times and dates and get browsing.

Once you've found a space you like, our party venues team will be able to offer assistance with the booking process. We can liaise with the venue on your behalf and deal with any niggling bits of admin that need finishing so that you don't have to worry about them.

Meetup Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

  • Is this a bit of a reunion amongst you and your friends? Are you bringing some people together who don't get to see each other too often? If it's a special occasion, then splashing out a bit more on a private dining room will lend a sense of specialness to proceedings.

  • What sort of atmosphere are you looking for? If you and your mates enjoy somewhere quite refined and sophisticated, then you might want to search for a hotel bar venue which serves classy cocktails and fine wines. If you'd prefer a more bohemian atmosphere, then taking a trip to a hipster bar somewhere in East London might be more appropriate.

  • Is this a meetup amongst old acquaintances looking to reconnect? If you'd like a spot of privacy then it can't hurt to find a quiet back room in a pub.

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