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Want to get your hands on a hotel bar or private bar hire in London? There are tons of hotel bars in London, so – to make your job that little bit easier – Zipcube have put together a fantastic list of private bar venues for you to choose from. 

We will do all the groundwork on your behalf so that you don’t have to get stressed searching around for a venue that's perfect for you and your pals or co-workers to go enjoy a drink in. From sipping cocktails in a classy establishment, to hiring out a simplistic bar which focuses on serving delicious beers and well-chosen wines. If you want to enjoy a few drinks at a great bar, all you have to do is have a search on Zipcube.

Our party venues team are on hand to assist you when the time comes to make your booking final. Just get in touch via our website, and we'll take care of things for you.

Hotel Bars and Private Bars in London: Tips and Ideas

When it comes to a hotel bar, you're spoilt for choice: I mean really spoilt! But before you start to shortlist what kind of venue you want, take a look at these pointers we've put together for you during the planning stage:

  • Is this a fairly formal get-together? If you're looking for a sophisticated private bar, you might need to advise everyone about the potential dress code of the venue itself. Not every bar will have a dress requirement, but those that do might be quite strict.
  • Do you know exactly how many people are going to come along? Like any space, hotel bars can vary quite a lot in terms of size so it's important to work out roughly how many of your fellow bar-goers will be in attendance.
  • When are you going to be hiring out the bar? Early evening? Late evening? Different times of day and different days of the week are subject to higher demand, so if you're working with a tight budget then you'll want to factor that into your decision making.
  • Not sure about whether you'll need a fully private space? You can rent out a side room or a few tables with a regular bar hire in London.
  • Is the weather heating up? Love enjoying the fantastic views of historic London town? Perhaps a rooftop bar is what you're after.

Keen on the idea of the venue but not quite sure why you might hire out a private bar? Here are a few suggestions for what they can be used for:

  • You could have your wedding reception at a hotel bar.
  • Celebrate your dad’s, mum’s, brother's or sister's birthday. (Just check with the venue manager that it’s OK to have children or teenagers around a bar area first).
  • Take the company credit card and assemble the whole gang at a nice hotel bar to celebrate a hard earned weekend off
  • Perhaps you want to go for some after work drinks with the whole crew? Or your project has come to a close and you need to celebrate?

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