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Are you on the hunt for a great venue to host your 30th birthday party? Do you want to see in your thirties at a party venue that keeps the drinks flowing and packs out the dance floor all night long? Thanks to Zipcube's simple search function, we'll match you up with one of the 30th birthday venues London has in plentiful supply.

Do you like smooth cocktails, a polished dance floor and an outdoors area where people can go to chat? Perhaps you'd prefer to celebrate turning 30 on a rooftop bar, or at an all-day boat party along the Thames? Whatever your preference, we'll be able to find a spot that makes it a night to remember.

30th Birthday Venues London: Tips and Ideas

  • Your 30th birthday is a great time to celebrate your recent history. You might want to prepare a musical playlist that includes all the songs you enjoyed during your twenties or let the DJ know when to play certain key songs.
  • Will you be inviting family as well as friends? If there are any under-18s about, you might want to check about your venue's licensing policy.
  • Is there going to be a theme for this party? You could make it fancy dress and ask your friends to come in period dress from the decade in which you were born.
  • Is your birthday in the summer? You might want to check out a garden party venue or an outdoor party venue.
  • Have you planned any party games? How about a designated conga line?

Finding a great venue to host your birthday party, whether it be your 30th or otherwise, is often a tricky affair. At Zipcube, we consider ourselves to be venue experts, which is why we want to do everything in our power to make hiring a venue for your birthday as simple as possible. If you have any trouble with our site – just pick up the phone and get in touch!

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