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Need to hire a coaching venue in London to deliver some teaching or do some training? Getting your event off to a great start is more or less a certainty thanks to Zipcube's excellent array of conference and training rooms. 

Whatever the coaching or instruction that you need to produce, you'll be in a good position thanks to the excellent choice of coaching venues that can be browsed using our search engine. Once you've discovered a space that's suitable, our expert training rooms team will be at the other end of the phone if you need any assistance with the booking. Just get in touch and we can make it happen.

Coaching Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

Do you have a particular budget for your next coaching session? Not a problem! We have plenty of venues available for you that are more than affordable:

  • Check how many people are likely to attend. It's important to get the size of the space just right (and the timings right as well) in order to get the best possible value out of your booking.
  • The kind of layout you'll want for your room is important too. It makes a big difference to how you address people. Generally speaking you probably want a theatre or classroom style layout of chairs if you're delivering a talk or presentation.
  • Is this coaching quite hands on or physical? Be sure to check that you'll have enough room if people need to get up and move around.
  • It's also important to choose a venue location which is easy to get to - especially if people are travelling after work or have to learn a different route in the morning.
  • Will you need a microphone and projector or other presentation equipment? Let the venue know ahead of time.

How Do I Deliver a Great Coaching Session?

  • The more you practice, the better it will go. It's a golden rule for any form of public speaking, but especially useful in this instance.
  • Bring extra copies of any documents or teaching notes. Whenever people attend a training event, they are likely to worry that they might forget things after they've left. Condensing down your key points into a useful takeaway card or 'cheat sheet' is a great way to help people remember your advice.
  • Keep things varied and quick. Wherever you can avoid it, it's better to move around from one topic to another rather than simply staying fixed on one point of discussion. That way people enjoy the novelty of discussing something new and tire less quickly.
  • Engage your audience and include breaks. Involving the people in the room – whether that's through a question and answer session, or by asking for examples – will help people stay alert and interested. It also keeps people feeling fresh if you take occasional breaks.

If you want to run a fantastic training session in London, then it's a good idea to take a look at our speaker event venues as well as our lecture venues and meeting rooms. The more spaces you check out, the better your chance of finding somewhere really convenient and well-suited to your plans.

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