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When the sun is shining and the leaves are green there's no reason why you wouldn't want to have your big day outside and enjoy a delightful garden wedding. So, if you're after a gorgeous terrace ceremony or a perfectly-cut lawn reception, a garden wedding venue might be the ideal location for you. 

Fortunately, at Zipcube, we know just what to look for and London has no shortage of fantastic spaces. From big beautiful scenic backgrounds to unusual wedding venues with sublime views, every wedding venue is special, but you'll want something even more so. Our expert bookings team are on hand to help with your enquiry, so all you need to do is to submit a request and we'll take it from there.

Garden Wedding: Tips and Ideas 

  • Do you want rows of decorations lining bushes and trees? Or even a particular dress code to fit the outdoors environment? (Be sure to decide far in advance so you can let your guests know via their invites).
  • The photographs are sure to be lovely, but spare a thought for the environment. Try to encourage your guests not to trample over the lawn too much if they're wearing shoes with a heavy heel, and make sure that there are plenty of rubbish bins around.
  • You'll want it to be sunny, so picking a popular summer month is a must. Venues do tend to get very busy around that time of year, however, so be sure to book as far in advance as possible. (Sometimes over a year is necessary with the most booked-up wedding venues).
  • Bring parasols for your guests in case it's a little too hot and cloudless; bring umbrellas for your guests in case it starts to drizzle. When dealing with the elements, you can't leave anything to chance.
  • A beautiful summer lawn provides lots of opportunities for imaginative decorations and arrangements, if you need a little added inspiration – this article from Martha Stewart's website on garden wedding decorations is very helpful.

Should I consider other possible venues as well?

It can't hurt to line up a few alternative options if you start to change your mind, other popular venues include:

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