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Planning on setting up a leaving party for a beloved co-worker or friend and need a venue somewhere in London? Is a close friend emigrating or leaving your company after many years of fine work? Whatever the reason for your event, you'll want a venue which lets you give them a champion's send-off.

As much of a shame as it might be to see someone leave, there's no reason not to send them on their way in true style. So whether you'd like a big night out somewhere in central London or a really special meal in a posh restaurant – our party venues team are available to assist you. When it comes to making arrangements with venues, Zipcube are experts, so let us handle the tricky stuff while you relax and get ready to party.

Leaving Party Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

When it comes to organising a top party, there's no substitute for careful preparation. We've made a short checklist to run through:

  • Is this a bit of a surprise for the leaver themselves? If so, try to ask some of their very close friends and family for advice on who to invite.
  • Has anyone prepared anything to say, including the person who's leaving? If it's an appropriate occasion for the saying of a few words, then you might need a microphone and some speakers.
  • Have a think about what kind of music might be played – it's only natural that the atmosphere might be a bit sombre, but you don't want things to be too sad. This is a celebration as well as a saying goodbye, so make sure you set the mood by playing some upbeat music.
  • Try to pick a venue which won't get too crowded, everyone will want a chance to say their goodbyes so it could be a little awkward if the leaver gets stuck in one corner of the room.

Once you've decided what you want to do, it's understandable that you might be a bit choosy about the venue. If you're not sure whether you've found the right space, take a look at our bar hire venues, pub venues and drinks party venues in London as well.

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