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Favourite London penthouses for hire party

Check our selections of favourite Penthouses for hire party

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Popular London penthouses for hire party

Check our selections of popular Penthouses for hire party

Thinking of living it up like a celebrity? Whether it's your best mate's 21st birthday or you want to film an incredible video with a jaw-dropping backdrop: you've come to the right place! Fortunately, at Zipcube, we know what it takes to get the most out of such an event. 

We've put together some incredible penthouse venues, all of which boast a different vibe and style which are bound to suit your plans. You can speak to our dedicated party venues team, if needs be, for assistance in making your dreams come true.

Penthouse Party: Tips and Ideas 

With so many ways to exploit a wonderful venue like a penthouse we have put together some top ideas for your experience.

  • Hoping to hold the party of the century? Invite your closest friends and family and come together to celebrate in a truly spectacular way. 
  • What about ringing in the New Year with an unforgettable New Year's Eve party?
  • Is it time to propose to that special person in your life? The stunning backdrop and skyline of the city as well as the gorgeous layout of the venue could well provide a beautiful, romantic setting.
  • Be sure to check that you'll be the getting the views you were hoping for! If you want nothing more than to gaze out over the City of London's skyscrapers and landmarks, make sure the windows in your venue are facing in the right direction.
  • Don't hang around and get on top (pardon the pun!) of this spectacular list of venues while they last. It's important to note that these venues might get booked several months in advance so don't sit around! 
  • Some important things to check are the penthouse's terms and conditions, you don't want to end up with any nasty surprises and charges the next day so make sure you double-check with the penthouse manager to clarify some of your particular requests.

If your rental plans concern some manner of exhibition or fashion show, you might want to take a look at our fashion event venues as well. We also have a great selection of rooftop venues in London if you want to enjoy some views without quite travelling as high up as a penthouse and hiring a bespoke penthouse venue. 

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