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When organising a PR event in London, the small details matter and the big details – like the type of venue you hire for your PR event – really matter. You want everyone who attends your event to walk away feeling enthralled and excited by the things they've heard and the conversations they've had. You also want the venue to suit the brand or company you're working for (an edgy start-up won't sit that well in a stuffy old library!), so it's crucial to get the right kind of space.

This is why our search tool can be invaluable: it allows you to compare and contrast different venues on the basis of size, cost and a host of other factors. When the time comes to make an enquiry, our function rooms team can be contacted via an online chat or over the phone to ask any questions.

PR Event Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

A good PR event takes a lot of organising. You have to mine your contact list, send out invites and then chase up the interest to ensure that people show up. Even the preliminary stages can take up a lot of time and effort, so you don't want your venue hire to be stressful too. We've made a list of a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Food and drink will win over your guests. Appealing to your guests stomach by providing delicious food and drink is a surefire way to get a good turnout at the event. Make sure you discuss catering options with the venue to see whether they will allow external options or might insist on using their in-house team.

  • Is there a convenient space to meet and greet? The entrance to your venue is possibly one of the most important aspects of the lay-out, since this is where your team will want to greet guests and welcome them to the event. Make sure there's an obvious space where you can set up a table without things getting too cramped or bottlenecked on the way in.

  • What about lighting or decoration? If you've got banners to set up and other pieces of branded equipment or display material to worry about, you'll want to position it so that it looks great. Take a careful look at the venue to ensure that any of the darker corners can be easily lit up and guests will be able to move through the space and get past one another without being too cramped.

  • Is your Media kit ready to go? Every guest should leave with a collection of materials which outline the key messages of your event. These can include a short pamphlet and brochure, as well as images or postcards, but branded goods like pens or other stationery are also a very useful inclusion.

  • Think big and be original. As any PR will know, there are lots of events out there in London which compete for attention from journalists and industry types who you'll want to attend your event in particular. Convincing them to come along can require you to stand out from the crowd. Would your client suit a boat party on the Thames? Or how about a garden party venue which gets turned into a tropical paradise? Slightly extravagant ideas can win people round more easily and boost your numbers.

If you'd like to consider a few other options before making an enquiry, then by all means browse some of the other spaces which we have listed on the site. Our gallery hire venues provide a dash of elegance to the mix, and our halls for hire in the capital are also great venues for big events.

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