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Award ceremonies are a chance to identify and reward people who have worked hard, obtained success or are simply and undisputedly talented. A great chance to have a dinner, or lunch followed by a few speeches and perhaps a dance at the end to top off a great event. Sounds good? Well it just so happens that London has some spectacular spots for such an event and our team at Zipcube have selected the best venues for you to choose from to save you some time! 

Speak to one of our party venue experts for guidance or just to help with your enquiry. We'll be able to hook you up with one of London's great award ceremony venues in no time. 

London Award Ceremony Venues: Tips and Ideas

When it comes to organising such an event we know that there is a whole load of planning to be done. To make your life easier figure out these aspects of your awards ceremony first:

  • How many guests do you plan on inviting to your event? Will the award receivers be bringing their friends and family also? Be sure to know this figure before booking so that your guests aren’t squeezed into the venue.
  • Do you think that you will need catering at your event? It could make a nice touch for everyone and there are plenty of venues which supply an in-house catering team.
  • Know the exact date and time you want to hold your event.
  • Think about what layout you would like for your event. Most venues have multiple layouts available such as theatre style, classroom style or perhaps something more suitable for an event such as this, like a banquet style as you might consider catering.
  • So whether you want a really festive, jolly, end of the year office awards ceremony or a sports team end of season ceremony, then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we have all kinds of venues all over the capital.
  • Bear in mind that the location which you have your eye on might be great for you and few guests but it may well be a big hassle for the majority of guests to get to. You don’t want people arriving in a bad mood!

If you're unsure whereabouts to host your award ceremony, then you can keep looking on Zipcube. We've got a great choice of auditoriums in London, as well as lecture theatres and presentation rooms that might well be perfect.

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