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Here at Zipcube we have a large collection of ballrooms for hire in London, all of which have their own charm and sparkle about them. Whether you are looking to hire a ballroom for a prom, masquerade ball or perhaps a special birthday, we have a large selection of venues which can be perfect for a wide variety of different purposes.

Our team of party venue experts are on hand to offer direction if you're looking for a more affordable ballroom or if you need some advice on the type of facilities they require. We want to take the pressure off and make booking a venue as simple as possible. So try out our search tool and discover for yourself how easy it is to find a venue for your high school dance or gala event.

London Ballroom Venues: Tips and Ideas 

  • When looking for your space, remember that there are quite a few variables. All ballroom venues are quite big, but even then there are scales of size. Make sure you have your guest list ready in advance so that you know what to expect before you book your space.
  • There's something so fairytale and magical about the thought of a ballroom venue – the high ceilings, chandeliers, hardwood floors and ornate, opulent style of decoration. If possible, you'll want to keep that magic alive with decadent hors d'oeuvres, sparkling wine and perhaps a string quartet to provide the music? 
  • Not every dance has to be a waltz at your event, if you're using your space to host a formal evening which is more about fun than elegance – you can use the dance floor as a space for a silent disco. It's a great way to let people choose what they want to dance to, without causing too much noise.

A ballroom is a magical, decadent venue, but if you're looking for a grand space which perhaps doesn't have to be too fancy, we also have a great selection of party halls all over London. If this event is for a good cause, you can also take a look at our charity fundraiser venues and gala dinner venues.

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