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Sometimes organising a children’s party is a real headache. Fortunately, the team at Zipcube are ready to step in and save you from the pain and stress. We have a wide selection of party venues all over London which are sure to be perfect for your child’s next birthday bash! 

You might be looking for an indoor play centre to accommodate a big group of unruly toddlers, a swimming pool party for a 10th birthday, or a child-friendly multi-purpose room with bean bags and lots of floorspace for games and activities. Whatever you need, from jelly and ice-cream to a Frozen-themed Disney extravaganza, Zipcube can help you find the best children's birthday party venues London has to offer.

Children’s Party Venues: Tips and Ideas 

  • Just because it's a party for little tykes and tots, that doesn't mean you won't need to plan your event with military precision. Think carefully about arrival times, the number of invited children and what you'll do for food and drinks.
  • Will there be a special theme for your party? Try to match up a fancy dress idea with your preferred kids party venues (i.e. a Forest Animals party might suit a garden party venue). 
  • Kids love nothing more than a bit of face painting and costume fun, not to mention bouncy castles and treasure hunts, whatever you've got planned for the entertainment, make sure to check that the venue are happy to host it.  
  • Send your invitations out to parents as soon as possible to make sure they're free on the day in question. 
  • Keep it short, a kids party only needs to be a few hours. Remember they spend nearly the entire time running around so they will tire themselves out and become exhausted soon enough.
  • Don't forget to prepare some goodie bags for the little ones.
  • Make sure to pack a first aid kit with some extra plasters and disinfectant. Scrapes and grazes are an inevitability when you've got a group of energetic kids tearing around.
  • If you need some additional wisdom, give this article a read. It's written by a woman who runs a children's play space (when she's not busy looking after her two little boys as well).

Some extra tips to bear in mind before cracking on with the party.

  • Figure out what kind of budget you're working with. You'll need a rough estimate so you can start figuring out which children's party venues are in your price range.
  • If the party's going to be outside, have a Plan B in the event of rain. Check with some other private party venues and village hall venues to see if they have a marquee or indoor space to fall back to.
  • Don’t forget the party music! You could hire a children's entertainer to play guitar and sing some nursery rhyme classics. You might be sick to death of hearing Old MacDonald Had A Farm, but your three-year-old probably won't be.
  • If your kids are a bit more grown-up, you might want to have a proper DJ with a playlist of great party music. If you put one together yourself, just check to make sure there's no foul language in any of your tracks.
  • The mothers and fathers in attendance might need something to drink while they're waiting to pick their kids up. Do you have some more grown-up snacks and refreshments to hand as well?
  • Taking photographs at a children's party is something of a must: you'll want to cherish these memories for a long time to come. It can also be a nice idea to provide some cheap disposable cameras for the kids themselves to use.

Trends In Children's Party Venues to Consider...

  • If you're trying to find some extra ideas to liven up your next children's party, try reading this article from the Huffington Post.
  • Have you thought about ordering a bespoke piñata containing your little darling's favourite sweets? If you fancy having a go at making your own, check out this simple to follow guide.
  • The more balloons the better! Children go wild for a helium filled balloon, so why not put together a stylish balloon installation? Just select your preferred colours — from metallics and whites, to pastel blues and pinks — then inflate as many as you can and tie them up with twine or ribbon.
  • How about a Bake Your Own Birthday Cake Party? It might be a bit on the messy side, but as long as you have plenty of overalls for the kids to wear (and a good amount of adult supervision), it can be a really fun interactive way for kids to learn about the basics of cookery.   

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