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What could be better than lounging in the sun with a drink in your hand on a glorious terrace venue in London? Sounds pretty fantastic, right? If you want to get out into the fresh air on a beautiful terrace, then Zipcube is the place to come and find your venue.

You can browse through different spaces using the search function on our website. Once you've found a location that you think will work – at a price that's also within your budget – you can get in touch with our party venues team for advice and some help with making the final arrangements.

Remember – we're happy to do all the groundwork of sorting the booking, so you can concentrate on what's important: having a great time!

Terrace Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

  • Is the sun out in full force? If you're hoping to soak up some rays, make sure to take occasional breaks in the shade, especially on days where the sun is particularly strong. Keep hydrated and if you're drinking: it's advisable to drink some water after every other alcoholic beverage.

  • When the weather is good and people want to get outdoors, it's fun to make the most of things by playing some games that typically only work outside, such as giant Jenga or non-alcoholic beer pong (a regular table works just fine). You'll add to the carnival atmosphere by encouraging people to get competitive.

  • Love the fresh air but find the insects a bit irritating? Wearing long sleeved clothing will help you to avoid any bites, whilst lighting candles and burning incense can also discourage the little winged critters.

  • The beauty of a terrace venue is that it allows you to fire up a BBQ and enjoy some smokey flavours while enjoying a cool breeze or a sunset. If you've got your heart set on some flame-grilled burgers or kebabs, speak to the venue about catering options and how feasible that might be.

If you want to get outside and enjoy fantastic views of London, but aren't quite sold on the idea of a terrace venue, we also have some garden venues and rooftop venues to take a look at. Enjoy a view of the Thames more than the skyline? Perhaps one of our riverside venues would be the right fit.

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