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Check our selections of popular African Wedding Venues

African weddings are a time for dancing, music, peace and love, all bound together with a customary ceremony and reception. Here at Zipcube, we want you to have the best possible wedding available so we've put together a selection of venues that are bound to get you in the party mood. 

Starting to feel the planning stress settling in? Don't let yourself get bogged down: let the Zipcube team help you find that ideal venue. Our expert wedding venues team will be able to assist with your enquiry and make sure you find a space that is just right for your special day.

African Wedding Venues: Tips and Ideas

  • Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrange everything, as such a big event can become costly if you don't!
  • Consider how much of a budget you are working with. No matter whether you think that you need to keep costs down or go all-out, there'll be a venue for you in our inventory. 
  • Think about the number of guests you want at the wedding – would you rather it be immediate family and friends or would you like to invite every uncle, aunt, step-sister and nephew?
  • When it comes to catering, do you want to do something authentic or keep it casual? Check that the venue does in-house catering and if they don't then think about possible nearby restaurants or even food trucks as an option. 
  • Also you should check with the venue to see if they include or provide decorations. This will be an important thing to do if you want things to be bright and colourful.
  • Is this going to be a summer or spring wedding? Don't forget to check out our selection of garden wedding venues as well.

What Different African Wedding Traditions Are There?

Unsurprisingly, for a continent as vast as Africa, there are a great variety of cultures with different wedding traditions:

  • A Ghanaian tradition involves the 'knocking' or 'kokako', whereby the groom will visit the bride's home a few weeks before the wedding itself, accompanied by his family, to announce his intentions.
  • In Nigeria, singing and dancing are paramount to the wedding celebrations. One particular dance, common to other cultures outside of Africa, is the 'money dance' in which guests throw bank notes in the air around the dancing bride and groom. (It is also possible to throw confetti instead of money).
  • The Yoruba and Ibo of Nigeria also have particular colour combinations that are designated for the wedding ceremony. Particular colours – silver or white and gold or orange – which are worn at different points.

If you require a wedding breakfast venue or wedding dinner venue – so that you can enjoy a delicious meal on the evening before or morning after the ceremony – then we also have a great choice of different spaces: searchable on our site.

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