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Are you trying to grow your contact list and make connections by hosting a series of slick networking events? Do you want to reach out within your industry and gather together like-minded professionals in a corporate setting? At Zipcube, we understand the importance of networking for your career development. Our party venues team can help you book a space and get planning.

Even within other fields, such as academia or the voluntary sector, networking is an important way to generate professional contacts and find out more about the overall attitudes of an industry. If you're looking to take some initiative and arrange an event where you can rub elbows and meet fellow veterans of your sector, we have a selection of great venues for just such an occasion.

Networking Event: Tips and Ideas

  • What format will your networking event take? Are you just trying to get people together in a room to mingle, or are you trying to establish a programme of talks and panel discussions?
  • If you decide you want to arrange an event that is halfway between a conference and a schmooze opportunity, you might want to consider booking a lecture venue or even a presentation room.
  • Have you thought about drinks and catering for your event? If it's an all-day get-together, you'll probably need to provide some manner of refreshment for your attendees and invited guests.
  • Will you have a master of ceremonies to preside over things? Even if it's just to give a quick speech at the start of the event, this can help to generate atmosphere.
  • Try to make it as easy as possible for people to exchange contact information and meet potential new clients. Social media helps here, but so does a centralised contact list where people can volunteer their phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Those attending your networking event might enjoy themselves so much that they'll want to head out to a nightclub venue afterwards. It might be worth booking a VIP area or even a private rooftop bar venue.
  • What is the overall aim of the event, both for you who organises it and those attending? Is it to find out more about what their peers are doing? Or is it to mingle and develop mutually beneficial business relationships? Try to keep this in mind in all the marketing materials and communications you send out.

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