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Are you planning a book launch in London and need an amazing venue? First off, congratulations: the time is finally here for you to show your book to the world! That is an extremely exciting and possibly nerve-wracking thing to announce, so you doubtless want to secure the best venue imaginable.

Fortunately for you, we've got a great selection of spaces to browse on our site and our party venues team are available to assist with your enquiry. Whatever you need to find, we can help you to discover the perfect possible spot in which to perform a reading and let the whole world know about your novel or non-fiction book!

Book Launch Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

  • Your guests will want a chance to nab a signed copy off you, so make sure you've got enough room to set up a table so that guests can queue up after the event is closed.
  • The reading or Q&A session is one of the most crucial (not to mention, most interesting) parts of a book launch. You'll probably need a few microphones (portable, for the audience, clip-on for the author and interviewer) as well as a decent PA system – although you might get away with it if you've hired out a smallish venue.
  • Offering some wine and nibbles for your guests can make things flow a little smoother, so be sure to check that the venue has an alcohol licence and are able to either provide catering or let you bring some in from outside.
  • Does your venue match up with the tone of your book? An informal memoir might suit somewhere a bit relaxed and casual, whereas a more academic work of historical non-fiction might suit a library or reading room.
  • Looking for some more advice on the organising of the event itself? Check out the Writer's Digest list of Tips for a Successful Book Launch.

It might be tempting to hire out one of London's lecture venues for your book launch, to give the sobre atmosphere of a bookish event. However, you could also think about our unusual venues and product launch venues depending on the scale or intention of your launch.

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