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Are you hoping to book a hotel conference venues in London? Got an important business event or large meeting which needs arranging and you're not sure whether a meeting room will be big enough? At Zipcube, we understand the importance of having a top-notch conference venue which is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities.

If you need a hotel conference venues for a video call, a big presentation before some clients or perhaps an internal team strategy meeting: we've got you covered. Just use our search function to browse through potential venues, and let our conference venues team handle the booking arrangements on your behalf.

Hotel Conference Venues London: Tips and Ideas

The art of a great presentation or business meeting lies in managing the details, take a look at our list of tips and ideas for some added inspiration:

  • Have you prepared materials to circulate ahead of time? A good itinerary or schedule can help things to run smoothly and keep everyone on the same page.
  • How long do you expect things to last? If you're in the conference venue for longer than an hour, it might be an idea to arrange some refreshments (e.g. tea and coffee) and some snacks (e.g. sandwiches and crisps).
  • Are you relying on any important presentation materials such as a slideshow projector or audio equipment? Make sure to check the facilities with your chosen venue ahead of time.
  • If your event will take half a day or all-day, it's important to consider the comfort of those attending. Regular breaks and an opportunity to stretch your legs will make all the difference to energy-levels and engagement.
  • How many delegates will be in attendance? If you need the space to be flexible, depending on RSVPs, then you can always make additional arrangements with the venue itself.

Presentation Tips

Getting up in front of a room and delivering a talk or presentation can be pretty nerve-wracking. But that doesn't mean you should let nerves get the better of you. Take a look at our top tips for flowing oratory and fine speech delivery:

  • Preparation is absolutely key. Where possible, you don't want to be reading from a script during your presentation. Try to memorise as much of it as possible and use small cue cards to prompt you.
  • The better you know what you intend to say, the easier you'll find it to maintain eye contact and speak directly to the room. 
  • Don't be afraid to record yourself speaking and seek out feedback from others whilst rehearsing your presentation. If you have a tendency to mumble or speak too quickly, you can find out and work on those aspects of your speaking.
  • Use humour wherever possible, but don't try to force it. If the topic of your talk is quite dry, you'll need to inject some excitement somewhere, but it can be awkward for your audience if the jokes don't land very well. Again, seeking out feedback ahead of time is very useful.
  • Examples and metaphors are also very useful. Bring your talk to life by making some interesting comparisons: your audience will also find these memorable.
  • Do you want your presentation to go off with a real bang? You might consider some more distinct spaces which capture everyone's imagination, such as an auditorium or a glamorous presentation room.

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