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meeting · Labs House, Holborn
Look no further for your next central London event space! From company off-sites and hackathons, to drink receptions and conferences, LABS’ event spaces both inspire and impress attendees. We've curated this space to exude a contemporary stylishness, perfect for your team's next professional event or even your next office home.LABS House is our flagship site. The latest addition to the LABS family, LABS House offers modern facilities in a location that connected to London and the world. This is working life at its finest, complete with a restaurant, bar, lounges, dedicated working zones, a gym, breathtaking views over London and more. Be inspired and supported to realise the potential of your business, and balance fun and focus in the process.Situated in the heart of our LABS Holborn campus, this grand and imposing building is designed for maximising the productivity of businesses of any size. Premium wood floors, airy settings, and flattering lighting with an energising colour scheme combine to make this more than a place to work, it’s a place to grow and thrive. We’ve worked hard to retain the building’s original charm and character, while adding forward-thinking features to make your everyday life even more efficient.But LABS House is much more than a physical space: it’s a community built with technology, innovation and people at its core. At LABS, we believe businesses need to be given the right opportunities to grow, no matter whether you’re a local entrepreneur, a rising startup or an established company looking for a new lease of life.We have private offices of all size available to rent. The private offices range in size from just one desk all the way up to 50+ desks. When you rent one of our private offices you will have access to all of the office amenities, including use of the many meeting rooms which are on site at the office. The meeting rooms are also available to hire externally. 
£81per hour

Need to book a conference venue for your next big London based client meeting? Or a large space for your AGM? Well, here at Zipcube, we have put together a great selection of conveniently situated London venues which will take away the stress of searching and let you concentrate on the details of your pitch, presentation or meeting. 

We cover all sorts of venues from hotel conference rooms, private rooms and business training rooms to auditorium and seminar spaces. Whatever you need, Zipcube can find the most suitable venue for you. So let us do the legwork and help make your next conference venue hire go as smoothly as possible. You are only a few clicks away from seeing how easy it is to use our search engine.


Conference Venues London: Tips and Ideas 

  • Not sure how much to spend on your conference venue? Zipcube has a variety of venues all over London that offer a range of different prices. It's a good idea to prioritise location as well as the specific conference facilities which suit your needs. 
  • If money is no object, there are unusual and stylish venues with loads of character to choose from, or if you're on more of a budget, we still have large venues at affordable rates.
  • If you want to take the edge off and let your guests relax in a more comfortable, less corporate setting, it's worth considering some distinctive, chic venues with an emphasis on decor, lighting and atmosphere.
  • Small and large seminar venues are perfect for addressing guests directly when you have an important presentation to deliver. But perhaps a hybrid event venue – one with advanced tech capabilities – is the right choice for your conference. If you want to live stream your presentation, or accommodate extra audiovisual elements, then make sure to ask the venue about microphones and projectors.
  • A lot of conferences incorporate team work activities to keep the energy up and get attendees more involved in proceedings. You might want to book a conference venue with plenty of space and flexibility for team-building exercises that require a lot of movement. (These are great for networking and can have a big impact on overall guest satisfaction).
  • If you're not sure whether a conference venue is quite right for your needs, we also have a great selection of meeting rooms, function rooms and conference centres.

Presentation Tips 

It doesn't matter whether your conference is corporate, academic or for training purposes: it is vital that you engage your audience fully and leave your conference guests with a strong sense of what you wanted to say. If you're dealing with the added stress of hosting the event, as well as giving a talk, it can be a tough juggling act, so here are some tips: 

  • Make sure to spend lots of time working on your introduction: you need to set the scene early on, establishing what you're talking about and why it matters.
  • Practice your presentation more than once before the conference itself and carefully time how long it takes. Working from keynotes is a good idea, but the less improvisation there is in what you say, the better.
  • Bring your material to life with relevant case studies and interesting examples. (You don't want your audience to be looking at their phones mid-way through the talk...) A good way to keep them engaged is the use of visual and audio cues. This will have the added bonus of making your talk more memorable.
  • Leave time at the end for a Q&A session, but don't leave this completely unprepared either. It's worth spending a bit of time thinking about the sort of questions people are most likely to ask, so that you can think through your answers in advance and save any awkward silences during the event itself. 

Things to Remember When Picking a Venue  

  • Book sooner rather than later as the best venues get scooped up a few months in advance. London has plenty of conference venues, but they are spread out across the city, so be quick off the mark to get one in your preferred location.
  • What sort of location is most suitable? A central location will tend to please the largest number of potential attendees, and keep in mind that hotel conference rooms can be extra convenient if you're expecting international guests.
  • Think about how your venue matches the overall theme of your conference. A tech conference will probably look best in a modern, contemporary venue; a conference dedicated to Tudor literature might want old oak floors and a sense of history.
  • Good keynote speakers and are crucial. They are the main draw to attract an audience and ultimately make your event a success. 
  • Make sure to decide whether you want your conference or convention to be free entry or ticketed at a certain cost.
  • Check that the equipment you've requested is in proper working order and make sure you know how to use it all. The more you test it, the less likely you'll have any unwelcome surprises during the event itself.
  • A venue can hide all sorts of unexpected quirks, so it's crucial that you go through lights, sound systems and any other logistical requirements ahead of time to avoid interruptions during the event.

What Conference Trends Do I Need To Know About?

  • Immersive events which utilise as much video, audio and audience interaction as possible are increasingly common for conferences. They provide a great way to engage people, in person, and produce positive memories amongst delegates and visitors.
  • Everything from live tweeting to live voting is common these days, as driving audience engagement is seen as key to improving the experience of those attending. Everyone wants to be part of the conversation.
  • Making sure that your event is 'green' (i.e. ecologically balanced, with some thought put into recycling and reduced energy use) is seen as increasingly important. Ecological considerations are a growing customer concern and effect every industry.

Quick Checklist for the Day Before Your Conference

  • How early can you gain access to the venue? Can you get the keys the day before?
  • Is the running order and time table of the event well advertised and promoted around the venue with posters and handouts?
  • Do all your speakers know their stage times?
  • When is the load-in and load-out for any extra lighting and tech rental?
  • Is there a loading bay where contractors can easily park up and do their load in and load out?
  • Do you have some sort of green room set up for your panellists or guest speakers?
  • Do you have some hashtags devised and ready to go on Twitter?
  • What are the arrangements for cleaning up and packing away at the end of the event?

Still looking for some extra tips? Try reading this conference guide from the folks over at Hubspot.

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