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Feel like booking a slightly more unusual meeting room or conference room? How about choosing one of our cool and quirky rooms to get your clients or colleagues buzzing with excitement? The atmosphere of a space can make all the difference in getting people motivated and driving engagement.

Zipcube have selected some of London's most unusual and quirky meeting rooms so that you don't have to spend hours searching for them. We're sure that once you decide on your requirements and scroll through our venues, you will find a room that suits you perfectly. Just speak to our expert meeting rooms team if you have any questions and they can handle the booking on your behalf.

Quirky Meeting Rooms: Tips and Ideas

Want to have a cool meeting room with a twist but still plan on getting some work done as well as enjoying yourself? Well look no further, our range is sure to impress. If this is an important brainstorm or creative meeting, you'll need a space that breathes imagination from its very walls. We've put together a check list to run through when deciding on your booking:

  • There are venues all over London which carry character, capacity and style. So whether you are looking for a dry hire venue (in, let’s say, a warehouse) where you plan on expressing yourself in your own way and decorating the place as if it were your own, then some of our options could be ideal for you. 

  • Or if you want a cool meeting space which is already set up with its own unique features (like comfy bean bag chairs or water feature) then look for our quirky, funky spaces.

  • When it comes to choosing your venue consider the amount of people that you plan on inviting.

  • Think about what special requirements you might want, such as catering. Do you think you will be there all day? If so then catering would be a good idea as you don’t want your guests to lose concentration on whatever you may be doing.

  • Finally, does the location generally suit everyone? You don’t want your guests having to travel all day to reach a venue, especially if it isn’t for a very long time period. Be cautious of this, as it could upset those attending and slightly spoil the mood.

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